Saturday 2 May 2009

Painting and a first paddle

Well after deciding what to coat the skin in, "Coelan" with a white pigment I got going over the may-day weekend.

Coelan is an incredibly expensive coating but only requiring a few coats and its amazing elastic abilities its looking like a good choice at the moment.

The layers went on quite painlessly, and apart from the incredible stink it wasn't to much of a pain to apply.

Here is it is with the final coat applied.

And now time for the final test... will it sink?

It sits like a treat in the water, I am really happy with how it
handles and surprised how stable it feels.

Don't get to over confident :)

Well, I suvived it its in one piece so I must have done something right.

All thats left now is to add some decklines and toggles that I am in the process
of making now and this build is finished.


Mans said...

Hi Rob, and congratulations!! It looks really good in the water!


Rob said...

Hi Måns, thanks for your kind words. Looking forward to getting more time to paddle now :) Good luck with steaming your ribs.


Anonymous said...

Impressive, Rob! Visste inte att du var en sån handyman :-)

/Mikael (Pixel Tales)

Anonymous said...

you look so sexy in that thing Robert!

Anonymous said...

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