Sunday 17 May 2009

Lines and toggles

And now for my final post. The last detail on the kayak is some Lines for the deck and some toggles to be able to tension the lines.

First making the toggles. I made them out of some juniper
I found
at the summer house in the winter. It was then a process of
cutting to size and a lot of rasping, sanding and finally some oil.

And finally the deck-lines. There are many combinations but I
have gone
for 2 lines behind the cockpit for recovery and three
lines in front for holding down
gear and paddles. And finally a loop
at each end.

The lines behind the cockpit.

One of the loops. I made two bowline knots so that each end

would fall inwards when not in use and have some play when
room is needed.

A final look in the bow end.

And the stern.

I also made a travel-cover to stop it filling up with leaves and
insects. Based on the instructions at the brilliant site by
Anders jonsson plenty of good kayak and other extras to
make there.

An a final look at the finished kayak.

This is the final post, I am proberly going to make a sea-sock
but nothing I am
going to post about.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words of encourgement
and advice, and to the very helpful guys over at, they must get the same questions over and over again but they always give a helpful answer.

The main thing I have got out of this is apart from the joy of having a
beautiful kayak, is that you can plan and read about doing some thing you want to do but, if you dont trust in yourself to pull it off your never going to do it. It was a great experience.

Saturday 2 May 2009

Painting and a first paddle

Well after deciding what to coat the skin in, "Coelan" with a white pigment I got going over the may-day weekend.

Coelan is an incredibly expensive coating but only requiring a few coats and its amazing elastic abilities its looking like a good choice at the moment.

The layers went on quite painlessly, and apart from the incredible stink it wasn't to much of a pain to apply.

Here is it is with the final coat applied.

And now time for the final test... will it sink?

It sits like a treat in the water, I am really happy with how it
handles and surprised how stable it feels.

Don't get to over confident :)

Well, I suvived it its in one piece so I must have done something right.

All thats left now is to add some decklines and toggles that I am in the process
of making now and this build is finished.