Tuesday 23 September 2008

Cockpit Coaming finished

I managed to get the rim steamed round and glued.
Here is the process I went through to get to finish it

The first was to find what the length and width of the ring
is going to be. This is of my hips plus som fingers for the width,
and the length was the opening between the cockpit beams plus some
to aid getting in/out and bending back when I start rolling :)

Next up the form this I made from some planks
and 4 x 2's. And a strap to assist with the bending.

This is the main ring after its been steamed and
bent and clamped.

And finally after I got the outer rim in place, I then glued it
and here it is after some sanding.

And then it was time for some holes to be used when sewing the
coaming to the covering cloth.

Next up adding some of the vanish that I am going to cover the
covering cloth with. And then time to cover the frame :)

Monday 15 September 2008

Frame Oiled and ready

The final chapter on the frame is to coat it with some Tung-oil to give it a little water proofing and keep the rot out. The coaming ring continues, the main ring went really well and steamed a treat, but I am having less luck with the lip wood for the coaming, I am on my 3rd piece of ash not much fun...

Paddle finished

I have really kept up with the paddle progress but I have been
working on it when the weather was
bad or I wanted a break from the kayak.
The final stage sanding with some
200 grit paper.

And then finally some Tung-oil to seal the surface, I am pretty
happy with it.

Next up Oiling the frame..