Monday 15 September 2008

Paddle finished

I have really kept up with the paddle progress but I have been
working on it when the weather was
bad or I wanted a break from the kayak.
The final stage sanding with some
200 grit paper.

And then finally some Tung-oil to seal the surface, I am pretty
happy with it.

Next up Oiling the frame..

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Mans said...

Hi Rob, looks good your paddle. Did you make it of pine and what weight did the paddle end up at?
I made my pagaj of pine and at first it was very heavy (more than 1.5 kg), so I planed it until I didn't dare to plane it any more and the weight came down to about 1.2 kg...but I've heard of paddles that is at about 7-800 gr...I wonder how those guys do...?