Sunday 31 August 2008

Floor planks and the end of the frame

The final part of the frame, the floor boards. Two sets a pair where
I will sit and another pair where my heels will rest.
The first thing to do was some heavy planing to get the boards to sit between the chines and not protrude into the skin when it comes. Once all the planks are cut and planed it time to lash them. This time, because of the wear they ar going to receive, I lashed each rib separately and lashed them 3 times to make sure they will hold up to my build :) A view into the cockpit area with floor boards in place. And there it is the frame. I going to add some tung oil to it in the week but otherwise the frame is ready. Next up the cockpit coaming...

Deck stringers

Now its time for the two sets of deck stringers. Two behind the coaming hole and two in front. The two behind ones were pretty straight forward, two wider beams that will help displace the weight when entering and exiting the kayak. These are the two front ones getting lay out for measuring. I then made a recess to fit them against the masik. Then the front ends are filed to rest on the 3rd beam. Finally they are packed where needed and fixed into place with trunnels. Next up floor boards and the end of the frame :)

Sunday 3 August 2008

Making and installing the Masik

Now on to the last deck beam the masik. I choose to
make it from a pine branch which has the riight bend
which allows me to make a thinner but just as strong

First up finding the right height and curve by making some
batterns and getting in and out and test sitting.

Now to find a nice piece of pine to make the masik
with. Thats my baby in the middle :)

Here is the branch I choose from my father-in-laws
summer home. The template I made from the measurements
I got from the batterns.

Next fleshing it out with a power-planer and sawing
and and chiseling to get the rough form.

Here it is with most of the rough wood removed.

Next a box to get the angles against the gunwhales.

And then adding the marks to the masik.

The finished masik.

And here it is in place fixed in with two trunnels on either

Next up the the deck ridges..