Friday 9 January 2009

Kayak skinned

Its been a while since the last update but the nylon skin is finally on
and the coaming is also sewn is place.

After the main sewingwas done on the bow and stern ends of the kayak
it wa time to sew the coaming into place. First a plank on the inside is setup
with a plank across the coaming with a clamp to add tention and position the
ring in the right place.

Then nails were pushed through the pre-drilled holes to pull the cloth to the ring
and help spacing the tention before sewing.

And here it is in place.

A bit tight working conditions in my cellar but its a bit cold working out now
its around -6°C at the moment.

And a picture of the stern.

Well next I am going to make the lashing toggles for my deck ropes
out of some juniper. I am going to have to wait with covering the nylon
skin until I can find some where to apply it its a bit smelly so it
wouldn't go down to well if I done it in the cellar.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Robert! It really looks good....what kind of fabric did you use for the skin?

Rob said...

Hi Mans, thanks for your kind words. Its a nylon canvas from If you want the material number its 1631AX fg 2295. What material are you thinking of using on your build?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll probably also use fabric from FOV but I'm not sure about the material number is the same. Do they have different? I will get some from Fredrik at the Utsidan forums and he's bought 25m of which I will get 6m. Have you put it into the water yet to see if it floats? ;-)


Fredrik Rehnvall said...

Hi Mans,

I think it is the same fabric I got from FOV. I remember the product code 1631. The sales rep I talked to at FOV also mentioned that other kayak builders had used this particular batch. Mine looks the same too.

I'm intrigued by how you sewed the stich in the middle of the kayak, as opposed to the staple method suggested by Cunningham.

Rob said...

"Have you put it into the water yet to see if it floats? ;-)"
I still haven't found a place paint the vanish on yet. I am hopping the guys find a new place soon so I can finish this sucker.

And fredrik the seam I used is one that Robert Morris uses in his book and most of the guys at have also done it this way.
Gathering the material on the deck and then zigzag big stitches to get the tension and then running a straight seam, and then a seam to the left and a seam to the right to get the crossed pattern.