Sunday 11 May 2008

The Start of something long

I hope to keep a building account of my first kayak build. I am mainly
following "
Building the Greenland Kayak by Chris Cunningham" and
Instruction in Kayak Building by H.C. Petersen".
I have been collecting materials on and off
for a month, it has been
more of a problem than I thought it would be. Because of my
height, 191cm, I am having to build a long kayak, beams that run
nearly the whole length (Gunwales) will have to be 560cm.

I have tried for a few weeks to get hold of this in one piece
but gave up and have joined two shorted pieces with
"scarf joints" and
not so greenlandish, marine epoxy :) It worked really well and this
weekend I got going measuring out the ribs to form the bottom form
and where the deck beams will be placed.
Here are some pictures of my progress:

The gunwales marked out and ready.

The jig for the rib mortices.

One side down, some chiseling to clean the corners
and then there's one to go.

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