Saturday, 17 May 2008

Shaping the gunwales

After finishing off the last 30 mortises on the second gunwale its was time to
plane the ends to shape.

A batten is clamped and layed out after measuring
then a line is drawn on the inside.

Marked and ready to go.

I then used a jigsaw to cut close to the line. The next task is to get tight and close to the line with some planing.

A simple planing jig clamped to the block plane to help keep the planing nice and square, it worked a treat.

After planing the first curve I then used the this shape as a template
for the two other cuts gunwale number two, and on the reverse end of this
Then after a lot of planing all that was left were the angled cuts on the under side. This
I done i pairs clamping cutting and finally planing to the line.

Here are they are, the same plane shape at the opposite
end as well.

These slight curves will help give the kayak a nice upper curve when
they are formed into there final forms.

Next in line is either the jigs to hold the gunwales into there proper
shape or I think it will be starting work on the deck beams.

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