Sunday, 22 June 2008

Ribs Steamed and in place

After finishing the upper frame by cutting the tenon ends off and
sanding the ends flush its time for the feared "steaming of the ribs".

I made a steam-box out of a polystyrene board and joined together with
silver tape. I added a towel atone end as a opening and pushed some wires through
to make shelf's to keep the wood in the middle when steaming.
I then used an old kettle and our camping stove to produce the steam.
I have to say it worked really well and made the job a easier.

The steamer.

I also made the bending jig recommended in one of the books I following
this also worked really well.

Bending jig.

I managed to bend all the ribs in an afternoon and very few breakages
a real positive surprise and a rewarding job.

Here's a few picture of the ribs in place.

From the bow.

And from the stern.

Next up sanding and pegging the ribs.

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